[Linux-cluster] NFS Server Cluster

Mark Harrington redhat at meharrington.com
Tue May 23 16:43:40 UTC 2006

Hi All,

I am playing around with a 2 node NFS Server cluster with RHCS/GFS 4 Update
3 and had a few questions. 

I could not find much documentation on active-active NFS clusters with RHCS
4 so I set up a pseudo active-active cluster as follows: 
 - Created 2 RHCS services that export a single GFS volume with NFS.  
 - Each service has a prioritized fail-over domain so if:
    - Both nodes are up each node will export the GFS volume
    - A node goes down the service (& VIP) will fail over to the other node.

 - 1/2 the NFS clients (Web server farm) will mount off one VIP and the 
   other 1/2 off the other.
 - The NFS clients are only permitted to mount 1 service

1) We are still testing this configuration but has anyone else setup an NFS
cluster like this?  Is there a better way?  Can you foresee any issues with
this setup?

3) Do we need to put /var/lib/nfs on a GFS volume so both NFS servers can
update the locks file?  Will there be any issues if both NFS servers try to
update the locks file at the same time?

3) Is it possible to do this with NFSv4?

Thanks for any help,

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