[Linux-cluster] Configuring NFS on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 AS / Cluster Suite / GFS 6.1

Sutton, Harry (MSE) Harry.Sutton at hp.com
Tue May 23 20:53:01 UTC 2006

This seems like a fairly straightforward thing to do, but I'm having a
heck of a time accomplishing it.

I have a three-node cluster (RHEL 4 AS U3) with a clustered web server
working fine (chkconfig httpd off on all nodes, init script as a
resource attached to the service, floating service ip address, shared
ext3 filesystem). But I can't get nfs working.

All the documentation I can find explains how to set this up for the
RHEL 3 clustering, but it doesn't translate directly to RHEL 4. Here's
what I want to do:

1. Export a shared ext3 filesystem via nfs.
2. Export a GFS filesystem (currently accessible to all cluster members)
via nfs for use by non-cluster members.

I created resources for the floating IP address, and a separate NFS
Client resource for each system (or group of systems) that I want to be
able to mount them. I created an NFS export resource pointing to the
filesystem to be exported. But I can't figure out what
system-config-cluster is looking for in the fields for the NFS Mount
resource. What's supposed to go into the "Host" field in that resource
box? "Mount" I'm guessing is the device, e.g., /dev/sda1, and "Export"
is the mount point, e.g., /nfs-share. But that's just it, I'm guessing,
because I can't find it documented anywhere.

The RHEL 3 cluster documentation says portmapper and nfs have to be
running on all cluster nodes, and to not use the init script to start it
up (contrary to the web service, which is confusing). It also says to
NOT have the filesystems in question in either /etc/fstab or
/etc/exports. So how is this supposed to work? And if it's documented,


    /Harry Sutton
     Hewlett-Packard Company
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