[Linux-cluster] Please update cman-kernel and dlm-kernel when the main kernel is updated

Troels Arvin troels at arvin.dk
Wed May 24 11:40:58 UTC 2006

I just ran an up2date on some servers in a RHEL 4 ES cluster, and the
kernel was updated. Now, I tried rebooting one of the nodes in the
cluster, and at least one of the cluster management software daemons
didn't properly start, seemingly due to kernel module mismatches.
Reverting to the older kernel made the cluster node join the cluster again.

This is not impressive; it's actually very disappointing. Red Hat, please
coordinate things.

By the way: Why are special kernel modules even needed by the cluster
software if GFS isn't used?

Greetings from Troels Arvin

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