[Linux-cluster] is necesary to to build GFS on top of LVM ?

Ivan Pantovic ivanp at yu.net
Wed Sep 6 09:32:58 UTC 2006

You can use udev with scsi_id to map that lun always on the same place 
instead using lvm to find volumes.

There is another thing you should consider. It is cLVM not LVM.

Roger PeXa Escobio wrote:
> --- "Matthew B. Brookover" <mbrookov at mines.edu> wrote:
>>I have an iscsi scan that would not work with out
>>LVM.  As with your EMC
>>SAN I can expand a volume and expand a GFS file
>>system within it.  Where
>>I get into trouble is identifying the volumes after
>>a reboot.  What
>>was /dev/sdb may be /dev/sdc next time.  LVM allows
>>you to name your
>>volumes and helps to track them down when the system
>>is restarted.
>>There are similar problems when SCSI ID numbers get
>>swapped around.
> yes, I know what you mean
> I was looking for something like ext{2,3} label for
> the filesystem but I could'n find anything for gfs :-(
> so I am hopping that PowerPath kernel module always
> identify the LUN with the same emcpower device :-)
> if that is not true I will be forced to move to LVM
> under GFS :-)
> thanks
> roger
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