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Patton, Matthew F, CTR, OSD-PA&E Matthew.Patton.ctr at osd.mil
Thu Sep 7 13:19:07 UTC 2006

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> Are there plans to implement those loggin facilities to the other 
> daemons?

unfortunately Redhat probably can't get away with defining a new facility:
"cluster" but it would be nice if they'd settle on a localN. daemon sorta
fits but then it would pollute the regular daemon stream with all it's
noise. I can't stand the stock RH syslog.conf. But hey, that's my

Every daemon should have an option to specify the facility. But this is unix
- nobody does anything in a consistant manner. Shoot, even the LVM tools
aren't consistant with each other. While I'm on my rant, please stop using
XML to configure daemons. I don't mean eg. the cluster configuration itself,
but like settings for rgmanager. What facility it uses does NOT belong
anywhere but in /etc/sysconfig.

I'm all for new stuff and fixing new stuff but I wish the larger Linux/unix
community would spend some time fixing all the garbage that's been around
for 30+ years.
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