[Linux-cluster] Some newbie questions

Dylan Vanderhoof DylanV at semaphore.com
Wed Sep 13 04:44:27 UTC 2006

I'm getting ready to start using GFS for a project at my company and
believe I have a sane migration path, but I wanted to ask for a sanity
check from people who are using it first.

The eventual architecture will be multiple iSCSI targets as part of a
single GFS filesystem using CLVM, primarily so adding more disk is
fairly seamless, and if I understand correctly, can be done without any
downtime.  (Is there downtime required for the fs grow step?)  This also
will allow multipath io for some extra redundancy in the future.
(Obviously, the iSCSI targets are SPOFs, but that's unavoidable).

This points me towards using DLM, of course, but in the initial install
I only have a single node and will be adding other nodes in the fairly
near future.  Can I transition from nolock to using DLM?  I would assume
so, but I haven't seen anything indicating how that would be done.

Other than those couple questions, I believe everything to be fairly
straightforward.  Looking forward to trying GFS out!

Dylan Vanderhoof
Sr. Software Developer
Semaphore Corporation

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