[Linux-cluster] Fencing using brocade

isplist at logicore.net isplist at logicore.net
Wed Sep 13 15:00:54 UTC 2006

>> I want to use my brocade switch as the fencing device for my cluster. I
>> cannot find any documentation showing what I need to set up on the brocade
>> itself and within the cluster.conf file as well to make this work.

> The system-config-cluster application supports brocade fencing. It is a
> two part process - first you define the switch as a fence device; type
> brocade, then you select a node an click "Manage fencing for this node"
> and declare a fence instance.

Ah, I'm at the command line :). 

So, there is nothing I need to do on the brocade itself then? The cluster 
ports aren't connected directly, they are connected into a compaq hub, then 
the hub is connected into the brocade. The brocade seems to know about the 
external ports however since they are listed when I look on the switch.

As for the conf file, I've not found enough information on how to build a good 
conf file so know this one is probably not even complete. Been working on 
other parts of the problems then wanting to get to this.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<cluster config_version="40" name="vgcomp">
    <fence_daemon clean_start="1" post_fail_delay="0" post_join_delay="3"/>
    <clusternode name="cweb92.companions.com" nodeid="92" votes="1"/>
    <clusternode name="cweb93.companions.com" nodeid="93" votes="1"/>
    <clusternode name="cweb94.companions.com" nodeid="94" votes="1"/>
    <clusternode name="dev.companions.com" nodeid="99" votes="1"/>
    <clusternode name="qm247.companions.com" nodeid="247" votes="1"/>
    <clusternode name="qm248.companions.com" nodeid="248" votes="1"/>
    <clusternode name="qm249.companions.com" nodeid="249" votes="1"/>
    <clusternode name="qm250.companions.com" nodeid="250" votes="1"/>
    <fencedevice agent="fence_brocade" ipaddr="x.x.x.x" login="xxx" 
name="brocade" passwd="xxx"/>

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