[Linux-cluster] cluster.conf using brocade

Eric Kerin eric at bootseg.com
Thu Sep 14 02:48:28 UTC 2006

On Wed, 2006-09-13 at 21:34 -0500, isplist at logicore.net wrote:
> The nodes are all connected into a compaq FC hub. That hub is then connected 
> into a brocade switch. I'd like to use the brocade switch as the fencing 
> device.
Sadly, that won't work.  The fence script for brocade instructs it to
turn off a specified port.  All your machines hook up to the switch
through a single port.  So when a node acts up, you disconnect ALL of
your nodes nodes from the storage at the same time, since they all are
connected to port 0 (through the hub).

For SAN fabric fencing to work, each server needs to be connected to the
brocade switch on it's own switch port.


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