[Linux-cluster] [Announce] Linux kernel Cluster Framework 0.2

Aneesh Kumar aneesh.kumar at gmail.com
Fri Sep 15 18:52:43 UTC 2006

This is the 0.2 release of Linux kernel Cluster Framework.

What is LKCF:
LKCF's aim is to provide a transport independent cluster communication
framework within the kernel. This enables the developers to write
kernel based cluster services without being worried about
communication transport. It also support RPC style programming. That
means to write kernel service one need to write the service definition
file (<service>.svc>) and the implementation API. LKCF framework will
generate all the  registration routines and the marshaling code. Also
it takes care of forwarding the SIGNALs across different nodes.The
particular service can be called from any node specifying the node at
which this particular service need to be executed. All the underlying
management interface is taken care by the LKCF.

What transport are supported as of today:
Infiniband verbs/RDMA.

Project Documentation:

Project git repository:

The patches can be found at

and include


The important changes with the release is the support of infiniband
interconnect. The changes are originally from stan smith with further
cleanup and fixes from me.

The patches are on top of git SHA1
ef7d1b244fa6c94fb76d5f787b8629df64ea4046 of the linus tree.


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