Solved: [Linux-cluster] Cluster node won't rejoin cluster after fencing, stops at cman

Bosse Klykken bosse at
Mon Sep 18 13:12:59 UTC 2006

> OK, but do you think I will need to update both servers and reboot
> almost simulatniously, as suggested by Jari Huuskonen? After upgrading
> magma, magma-plugins and rgmanager on node01 (the one with problems
> rejoining the cluster) I still get a segfault when I run 'clustat' on
> that node, and I'm a bit worried about rebooting node02 when the cluster
> services on node01 is inoperative.

Solved by upgrading both systems to U4, shutting down rgmanager, fenced,
cman and ccsd on working node node02, rebooting node01 and letting it
start services, and then starting services on node02.


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