[Linux-cluster] Fencing with SUN X4100

Huesser Peter peter.huesser at psi.ch
Tue Sep 19 07:14:50 UTC 2006

> > Does somebody has any experience with fencing of SUN X4100 machines
> > They use the Sun Integrated Lights Out Manager. For example I just
> > tried to remotely reboot the system using the following command:
> >
> >
> >
> >             fence_ilo -a server_con -l loginname -v -p my_passwort
> > reboot
> >
> Fence_ilo is for HP's lights out management card.  No one has
> a fence agent for Sun's management controller as of yet.  We would be
> more than willing get one in the source base if one were developed.

I went trough the documentation of the Sun Integrated Ligths Out Manager
and remarked that it is IMPI v2.0 compliant. So I tried

    fence_ipmilan -a server_con -l loginname -p my_passwort -o status

This worked. The next step is to test the fencing within the

Thanks' for answer


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