[Linux-cluster] Things that i don't understand about cluster suite

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Fri Sep 22 08:07:17 UTC 2006

Greg Forte wrote:
>> Lon, I use original's postfix script and returns this if postfix is 
>> up: "master (pid 957) is running..." when postfix isn't up, script 
>> returns: "master is stopped". Do I need to change this message to "0" 
>> for status check works ok??
> That's just a message that's printed.  return status is the value given 
> in a statement of the form 'return X', or 0 if no such statement is 
> explicitly reached.  All executables return a status value to the shell, 
> where 0 is taken to mean "OK", and non-zero means "something bad happened".
> The postfix script appears to return the correct values in each case.
> My guess would be that it's cluster configuration problem, but I didn't 
> see anything about postfix in the conf that you pasted ...

Lon, I have attached postfix script
>> Then, I can't startup only one node, when both are stopped, right??
> No, you definitely can do this, if the cluster is configured correctly. 
>  The problem may be in your fencing method - the first thing the booted 
> node will do when cman starts is to try to contact the other node.  When 
> it times out, it'll try to fence the other node and won't continue until 
> it does. If the fence process fails, it'll hang there, which I'm 
> guessing is what you're seeing.  So the problem is most likely that 
> fencing is failing, either due to misconfiguration or because the other 
> node is powered off and so its iLo agent isn't responding.  Since iLo is 
> supposed to be able to power-up a switched-off server, my guess is 
> there's a problem with your fencing configuration - did you fix it so 
> that you have a separate fencedevice entry for each node?

I have changed iLO fence for gnbd fence. But can not boot only one node.
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