[Linux-cluster] GFS and samba problem

sandra-llistes sandra-llistes at fib.upc.edu
Fri Sep 22 10:23:18 UTC 2006


We have two Fedora 5 Servers clustered with GFS. We installed samba 
and exported the same shares in both of them.
All went fine at first, with people accessing to theirs own files and 
so, but for some programs (minitab, matlab, ...) people need to access 
the same file at once. Then samba begins to fail and clients hang. In 
order to fix samba is necessary to restart the service. We've tried to 
put the shares in a filesystem without GFS and all goes well, people 
can access the same file without problems simultaneously.

Is a weird behaviour because the shares are exported from the two 
servers, but we really only access files simoultaneuosly using the 
first server (the second is used for other linux clients than don't 
access the same shares), the other server exports the shares too but 
isn't used by that clients.

I don't know how to debug this problem to see what is happening. It 
seems something related to GFS and Samba.
I have seen mails of people with samba+GFS problems, but we aren't 
using the same configuration, and the GFS rpm are updated:
Any help will be greatly apreciated.


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