[Linux-cluster] LVS redundancy server and network type: DIRECT

Roger Peña orkcu at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 1 02:32:06 UTC 2007

--- FM <dist-list at LEXUM.UMontreal.CA> wrote:

> Tx for the reply,
> I re read the doc and my  question remains :-)
> ex :
> from the RH documentation :
> Create the ARP table entries for each virtual IP
> address on each real
> server (the real_ip is the IP the director uses to
> communicate with the
> real server; often this is the IP bound to eth0):

are you clear about the fact that real_ip is the real
IP of the real server? (the one that the LVS use to
connect to the real server :-) )

> arptables -A IN -d <virtual_ip> -j DROP
> arptables -A OUT -d <virtual_ip> -j mangle
> --mangle-ip-s <real_ip>

you should do this in each real server, so real_ip is
diferent for each real server

none of those IPs are IP bounded to an specific LVS
(master or slave), well vip is but is like a floating
ip :-)

> If I create a redundancy server, and if the master
> server goes down, the
> backup server will create all the <virtual_ip> but
> not the <real_ip> so

I think you beleave that this "real_ip" is the IP
owned by the LVS to comunicate with the real server,
but it is not. The real_ip is the IP owned by the real
server, which is used by the LVS to connect to the
real server :-)
maybe a graphic is very needed :-)
just keep in mind what is purpose of the arptable
commands: avoid at all means that the real server
announce that it has the VIP as one of it address


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