[Linux-cluster] rgmanager 5.1 Beta Segfault

Chris Harms chris at cmiware.com
Sun Aug 5 19:33:43 UTC 2007

5.1 Beta RPMs of cluster suite have so far resolved our dual fencing and 
self-reboot issues.  The cluster was stopped and sat overnight, and when 
I started it via Conga today, one node came up fine, but the other 
logged the following:

kernel: clurgmgrd[32233]: segfault at 0000000000000048 rip 
0000000000419804 rsp 0000000040a00030 error 4


Per Lon's instructions, I setup some configuration options to have it 
write a Core file.  Stopping and restarting the cluster via Conga did 
not reproduce the segfault.

Please advise on any additional information that would be helpful and 
where I should send the core file if necessary.


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