[Linux-cluster] fence_apc 7930s

Brian Sheets bsheets at singlefin.net
Sun Aug 12 23:23:43 UTC 2007

Did anyone get this working and allow system names for the port tags?
Mine are all labled as [empty] I've not tried switching it back to the default tag.



>Ok... I screwed up.  I figured it would be my mistake in the end.
>I renamed the outlet to the hostname of the system a while ago.  I change
>the name back to the default "Outlet #" and fence_apc worked the first try.
>I always use the port number and not the name, but maybe I broke something
>by changing the port name on the apc devices.

>I have a 2 node cluster now with fencing across two apc 7930s using
>redundant power supplies.

>Thanks everyone for the help,

>Eric m

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