[Linux-cluster] Setting up HA cluster as NAS head for storage

Randy Brown Randy.Brown at noaa.gov
Mon Aug 13 19:51:24 UTC 2007

I am trying to configure two matching servers in a high availability 
cluster to work as a NAS head for NFS mounts from our ISCSI based 
network storage.  Has anyone done this or is anyone doing this?  I am 
struggling with getting the NFS exports configured so machines outside 
the cluster can mount these filesystems.  I believe I have the two 
servers failing over correctly.  That is, the NFS service I created is 
properly failing over if one of the machines is unavailable.  Any help 
would be greatly appreciated.  I have read the "Configuring and Managing 
a Redhat Cluster" document as well as the "Redhat Cluster Suite 
Overview" document, but they don't quite cover what I'm trying to do.  
Any suggested resources?

Thank you,

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