[Linux-cluster] Assertion failed in do_flock (bz198302)

Robert Clark cluster at defuturo.co.uk
Wed Aug 15 10:27:00 UTC 2007

  Hi Abhi,

On Tue, 2007-08-14 at 14:37 -0500, Abhijith Das wrote:

> Robert Clark wrote:
> >  I've been seeing the same assertions as in bz198302, so I've tried out
> >the debug patch there and it looks like they are being triggered by an
> >EAGAIN from flock_lock_file_wait. Is this an expected return code?

> No. This is not an expected return code as far as I can tell from the
> code. Are you running NFS on GFS? If you can reproduce this problem
> reliably, can you add that information to the bz? Also the output of cat
> /proc/locks and 'gfs_tool lockdump' would be useful.

  No, I'm not running NFS. My filesystem is used as a home directory for
users running GNOME desktops, so there are some pretty complex programs
accessing it.

  After some experimentation, I've found a reliable way to reproduce the
assertion involving opening a file twice and attempting to lock it on
both filehandles - more details in bugzilla.



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