[Linux-cluster] Postgresql service on RHCS RESOLVED

brad at bradandkim.net brad at bradandkim.net
Wed Aug 15 14:58:43 UTC 2007

> Thanks for the suggestions, but I have looked at all of the
> replication/availability solutions for postgres and determined this is the
> way I want to go.
> Brad Crotchett

I have this working now.  It seems like I was caught in a loop where
neither of the nodes could successfully shut down the service since the
service wasn't running anywhere.  A fresh look at it this morning,
disabling and then re-enabling the service and it now starts up fine,
fences the failed primary, fails over to secondary, and then fails back to
primary when it comes back.  Everything looks good.  Now I just need to
give it a whirl with a shared partition from the SAN.


Brad Crotchett
brad at bradandkim.net

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