[Linux-cluster] Problem with latest fence_apc

Small, Jon E JESmall at directv.com
Thu Aug 23 14:42:53 UTC 2007

I installed the latest RPM (fence-1.32.45-1.0.2.i686.rpm) that includes
the fence_apc fix for APC firmware 3.x and it still does not work in our
environment. The Status action works, but Off & On do not work.


Here is the environment information:

-          RedHat 4 Update #5

-          APC model #AP7968

-          APC Firmware 3.3.3


Attached is the copy of /tmp/apclog from an execution of an Off action:

./fence_apc -a -l apc -o Off -n 3 -p apc -v



Incidentally, I attempted to use the fence_apc_snmp as well, but it
fails with the following statement:


./fence_apc_snmp -a -c private -n 3 -o Status -v

called with {'udpport': '161', 'option': 'status', 'ipaddr':
'', 'community': 'private', 'switch': '', 'port': '3'}

invalid status outletStatusOff

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