[Linux-cluster] clvmd startup timed out

Jeremy Carroll Jeremyc at tasconline.com
Wed Aug 29 14:00:12 UTC 2007

I would.

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On Wed, 29 Aug 2007, Kadlecsik Jozsi wrote:

> On Wed, 29 Aug 2007, Jeremy Carroll wrote:
> > Uncomment / Change / Add these lines.
> > 
> > library_dir = "/lib/lvm2"
> > locking_type = 3
> > fallback_to_local_locking = 1
> > fallback_to_clustered_locking = 0
> > locking_dir = "/var/lock/lvm"
> The directory /lib/lvm2 does not exists at all. 
> The LVM2 version as it reported (on a working node):
> root at lxserv1:~# lvm version
>   LVM version:     2.02.28-cvs (2007-07-17)
>   Library version: 1.02.23-cvs (2007-08-21)
>   Driver version:  4.11.0
> LVM2 was installed from source which created the clvmd, lvmdump, lvm 
> binary, the links as the different commands and the
> library (+ man pages).
> Earlier I tried to set locking_type to 3 and it did not work at all.

If locking_type is set to 3, lvm reports:

root at lxserv0:~# lvm version
  Unknown locking type requested.
  Locking type 3 initialisation failed.

LVM2 was compiled according to the instructions in usage.txt:

Install LVM2/CLVM (optional)
  cvs -d :pserver:cvs at sources.redhat.com:/cvs/lvm2 login cvs
  cvs -d :pserver:cvs at sources.redhat.com:/cvs/lvm2 checkout LVM2
  cvs -d :pserver:cvs at sources.redhat.com:/cvs/lvm2
  the password is "cvs"
  cd LVM2
  ./configure --with-clvmd=cman --with-cluster=shared
  make; make install

Peeking into the source code, type 3 would be supported if LVM2 was 
configured as '--with-cluster=internal'.

Should I recompile LVM2?

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