[Linux-cluster] Problem with fence

maalgi at ono.com maalgi at ono.com
Fri Aug 31 12:01:56 UTC 2007

Hello, the first thing, sorry for my English i'am Spanish.
I am trying to mount in an environment of tests a system of cluster with two PC.
None of the pc have devices fence installed.
Every PC has two cards of network ethernet, one of which this one in a private 
network 10.0.0. X, for test to another node.
Another card has an ip 192.168.X.X, of my net and a virtual ip 192.168. X.X1 
to the access to the services of the cluster.
eth0------> (IP computer)
eth0:1----> (IP Virtual)
eth1------> (IP fence)
eth0------> (IP computer)
eth0:1----> (IP Virtual)
eth1------> (IP fence)

The interface eth0:1 ( is up when cluster is up while in the other 
node, inteface and cluster service are down

Is possible configure the cluster this way?
That type of device fence must i to use?

I probe to configure cluster (eth0:1) with WTI, APC... fence devices, and i have same ressults.

/etc/init.d/ccsd start OK
/etc/init.d/fenced start FAIL

Thank you very much and regards.
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