[Linux-cluster] Discovering the world of clustering

Augusto Lima Augusto at prpb.mpf.gov.br
Fri Aug 31 15:07:49 UTC 2007

Hi, i'm Augusto and i don't know much about clusters.
I'm from brazil, so my english it's not quite good.
I have an idea to test in my organization.

We have two large DELL servers with 6GB RAM each and a Xeon 3GHz
processor each.
They have also lots of disk space.

We want to cluster the 2 servers and run VMware Server on them, trying
to utilize most of the processors and the available RAM all the time.
We have plans to make 6 Virtual Machines running on top of them.
We also want to take advantage of High Availbility on our
configuration, meaning that if one servers goes down, the other have to
hold the 6 VMs for a period of time.
We can't afford any paid solution, since our organization does'nt
support that kind of implementation.

So, i'm wondering if anyone can give a opinion about if it is possible
and how can i do it using only free solutions.

Thanks in advance,


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