[Linux-cluster] GFS2 on FC6

Kenji Wakamiya wkenji at labs.fujitsu.com
Mon Feb 5 11:18:05 UTC 2007


I'm trying to use GFS2 on FC6 using hardware that had been able to
successfully use GFS1 (tarball-1.03.00) on FC5 and Open-iSCSI (svn).
But it is very unstable... ;-<

The cluster has three nodes (Xeon x2) and a NetApp Filer as an iSCSI
target.  Data traffic and cman's traffic are using the same network.

For example, while cp-ing a file of 4GB from local disk to GFS2 area,
if an 'ls -l' for the destination GFS2 directory is executed on the
other node, the cp command freezes.

If the ls is not executed, the cp can finish.  But following that,
when rm of the copied file on GFS2 is executed from the other node,
disk usage of the GFS2 area (df) is not changed.  It seems like disk
blocks are not freed.

Currently I'm using FC6's standard packages only:

- kernel-2.6.19-1.2895.fc6 (SMP)
- iscsi-initiator-utils-
- openais-0.80.1-3
- cman-2.0.60-1.fc6
- gfs2-utils-0.1.25-1.fc6

And I usually start cman and GFS2 on each node as follows:

# service cman start
# mount -t gfs2 /dev/isda /mnt/gfs
                ^^^^^^^^^symlink to /dev/sdb by udev

What's the problem?


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