[Linux-cluster] Can't see all volumes

shirai@SystemCreateInc shirai at sc-i.co.jp
Wed Feb 14 15:00:25 UTC 2007

Hi Mike

Could you show the output of cat /proc/scsi/scsi?
I think that it can recognize only the drive of LUN number 0.

1. Add the following line to/etc/modprobe.conf.
    options scsi_mod.o max_scsi_luns=255

2. Next, this setting must be read when you boot OS.
    #mkinitrd /boot/< your initrd image > `uname -r`


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> With all of the tech's on this list... no one has seen this problem?
> Thought I'd ask again since I'm still stumped.
> By the way, anyone know of any user groups, forums for the Xyratex/MTI
> storage chassis?
> Mike
> >This might or might not be the right list and if it is not, does anyone
> >one that would cover things like fibre channel RAID devices?
> >I have an 800GB RAID drive which I have split into 32 smaller volumes.
> >is a fibre channel system, Xyratex. The problem is that I cannot see any
> >than 2 volumes per controller when I check from any of the nodes.
> >Basically, I would like to set up a small volume for each node along with
> >their various GFS volumes.
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