[Linux-cluster] Can't see all volumes

Roger Peña orkcu at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 15 14:55:18 UTC 2007

--- "isplist at logicore.net" <isplist at logicore.net>

> With all of the tech's on this list... no one has
> seen this problem?
> Thought I'd ask again since I'm still stumped.
> By the way, anyone know of any user groups, forums
> for the Xyratex/MTI style 
> storage chassis?
> Mike
> >This might or might not be the right list and if it
> is not, does anyone know 
> >one that would cover things like fibre channel RAID
> devices?
> >I have an 800GB RAID drive which I have split into
> 32 smaller volumes. This 
> >is a fibre channel system, Xyratex. The problem is
> that I cannot see any more 
> >than 2 volumes per controller when I check from any
> of the nodes.
well, first of all:
do the system see all the _devices_ ?
I mean, can you see all the devices (LUNs) exported
from the SAN but can't see all the LVM in that devices

or you can see just 2 LUNs exported from the SAN ?
so you can see just the LVM in that just 2 LUNs.

if it is the last , then you need to check the SAN
if it is the first case ... then you have a problem in
the cluster-system architecture; and then, maybe this
list can help you ;-)


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