[Linux-cluster] Can't see all volumes

isplist at logicore.net isplist at logicore.net
Fri Feb 16 16:04:20 UTC 2007

Sorry if I sent this twice, I just found it in my drafts which usually means 
it didn't make it out.


> 1) We use Qlogic FC HBAs and I can view the visible LUNs from the BIOS
> setup during the boot process.  That would be the first step, seeing if
> the HBA sees the LUNs.

These are the HBA's I'm using also.
> 2) We use HP FC switches (relabeled Brocade, I think) and use the
> "zoning" feature to limit the LUNs seen by a particular FC HBA.  I can
> imagine that you would only want a specific host to see its own boot
> LUN, in addition to any "shared" LUNs, using this sort of functionality.

Had not thought of that, good idea. I'll first check the HBA, then set up some 
zoning on the switch.
> if you can see the LUNs using the method in 1), you should be able to
> pass the max_luns parameter to Anaconda during the install process.
> When the "boot>" prompt shows up, you should be able to enter something
> like:
> linux scsi_mod.max_scsi_luns=255
> This should pass the correct parameter to the kernel when it loads,
> which should make the additional LUNs visible.
> Since this is so speculative I did not post this to the list, but if it
> works out you might want to send a summary back to the list.  Otherwise,
> the advice is worth just what you paid for it. (grin!)
> Good luck!

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