[Linux-cluster] LUN Masking is what I need...

isplist at logicore.net isplist at logicore.net
Tue Feb 20 02:30:09 UTC 2007

Hi and thanks for the reply.

> I'm using IBM HS20 with qlogic 2312. The HBA card has a BIOS
> configuration which allows to select which SAN to boot from, and which
> LUN on that SUN to boot. Then, RHEL (or Windows) will install on that
> location.

I'm using the 2200's in these blades but the thing is, they do see the 
storage, it's Linux that doesn't seem to see anything but the two volumes on 
the controllers, LUNS 0 and 1 only. 

I've told the card to use the specific logical volume that I can see when 
using the FASTutil but Linux never see's that.


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