[Linux-cluster] Passing SCSI options at installer

Roger Peña orkcu at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 23 15:16:42 UTC 2007

--- "isplist at logicore.net" <isplist at logicore.net>

> >> There must be some way of
> >> passing this information to the installer???
> >> scsi_mod max_luns=256 dev_flags="INLINE:TF200
> >> 5_23078:0x200"
> >> 
> > why not just add it when the installer ask what to
> do:
> > for example:
> > type: text scsi_mod max_luns=256
> > dev_flags="INLINE:TF200 5_23078:0x200"
> > if you whatn a text installation with that options
> I'm not sure how doing a text install vs a GUI one
> makes any difference? Maybe 
> I'm missing something but I gave it a try just for
> the hell of it and still, 
> only LUNS 0/1 show up :).

it doesn't matter if it is a text or gui installation,
I just tried to point the place where you should add
the line ;-)

so, it doesn't work ? ;-(
how do you know that that options works at all?

you ask where to put the options to be recognized by
the kernel, I just point you to the place :-) you are
the one to chose the right options ;-)


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