[Linux-cluster] GFS and GFS2 : two questions: which is bettter; gfs_controld error

Ian Brown ianbrn at gmail.com
Sat Sep 1 10:50:27 UTC 2007

  - Hello,
   I had installed RHEL5 on two x86_64 machine on the same LAN; afterwards I
   had installed the RHEL5 cluster suite packege (cman-2.0.60-1.el5) and

   I had also installed kmod-gfs-0.1.16- and gfs-utils
and gfs2-utils.

   I had crated a 2-node cluster and started the cman service OK on both nodes.

   Now I tried to create a gfs partition with gfs_mkfs (with -p lock_dlm)
   and mount it, and I got errors when trying to mount it (this errors
talk about

   I made a second try with mkfs.gfs2 (also with -p lock_dlm) );
   this time I **could** mounted the gfs2 partition succesfully.

   My questions are:

     - should I be able with this installation to create and mount a gfs
     partition ? in case this is possible - what can be my mistale ?

     - is gfs2 considered safe to work with ? or is it still experimental and
     not recommended ? which features do I have in GFS2 which I don't have in


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