[Linux-cluster] GFS and iscsi problem

Paweł Mastalerz pawel.mastalerz at mainseek.com
Tue Sep 4 18:28:10 UTC 2007

Roger Peña pisze:
> --- Alexandre Racine <Alexandre.Racine at mhicc.org>
> wrote:
>> Hi all, I would like to know that too, since I made
>> some similar tests and GFS seems simply to hang.
>  people getting this king of problem usually have a
> problem with fencing, your fencing is manual, this is
> really bad for production because if there is a
> problem with the GFS in one node,the cluster will wait
> for that node to be feced and if it fenced by humand
> hand.....
> until you send the aknowledge that the cluster will be
> in standby.

Yes, but i use:

<fencedevice name="blade" agent="fence_bladecenter" ipaddr=....

and it's not a problem, fence work fine. Fence work only when one of 
nodes is down or have some other problem with connection to other nodes.

Pawel Mastalerz

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