[Linux-cluster] postgres-8 resource

Marek 'marx' Grac mgrac at redhat.com
Wed Sep 5 14:04:08 UTC 2007


Hell, Robert wrote:
> Aug 30 19:37:06 pg-ba-001 clurgmgrd: [31089]: <err> Trying to execute 
> sudo -u postgres /usr/bin/postmaster -c 
> config_file=/etc/cluster/postgres-8/postgres-8:postgresql_vts1/postgresql.conf 
> -> *some debugging, works fine when executed manually*
> Aug 30 19:37:06 pg-ba-001 clurgmgrd: [31089]: <err> Starting Service 
> postgres-8:postgresql_vts1 > Failed
> Aug 30 19:37:06 pg-ba-001 clurgmgrd[31089]: <notice> start on 
> postgres-8 "postgresql_vts1" returned 1 (generic error)
> Aug 30 19:37:06 pg-ba-001 clurgmgrd[31089]: <warning> #68: Failed to 
> start service:pg-ba-vts1; return value: 1
> Any ideas how to determine why it won’t start?
Sorry for late response (vacantions :)). You found real problems with 
resourge agent for postgres-8, please fill a bug in bugzilla. In the 
attachment is a patch which should work (extract to /usr/share/cluster; 
it fixes postres-8.sh and utils/config-utils.sh). Fixes problems with 
listen_address, directory for pid file and running postmaster on 
background. If it will work I will put in in the CVS.


Marek Grac
Red Hat Czech s.r.o.

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