[Linux-cluster] Quorum question / split brain paranoia

Lon Hohberger lhh at redhat.com
Thu Sep 6 12:22:35 UTC 2007

On Wed, Sep 05, 2007 at 06:16:32PM -0400, Christopher Barry wrote:
> The cluster nodes will run GFS, the director will not. Only one director
> will be active with a VIP, load will balance across all 6 VMs. The
> crossover will actually have VLANs on it that will allow a separate
> heartbeat net, but it was getting a bit tricky with ASCII art ;)
> Can anyone see any issues that may arise where quorum could create a
> split brain scenario? What would be the best way to approach votes, etc.
> here?

So, two physical boxes hosting LVS to virtual machines as the real
servers (how ironic, actually...).  Said real server cluster is using
GFS to share the data?

(I want to make sure I understand the question here)

Lon Hohberger - Software Engineer - Red Hat, Inc.

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