[Linux-cluster] GFS and SELinux work together in RHEL4?

Roger Peña orkcu at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 7 02:41:01 UTC 2007


yesterday I upgrade a RHEL4.4 to RHEL4.5 and the
apacher server start complaining about, the logs point
to selinux support in the GFS filesystem that hold the
DocumentRoot of several VHosts

when I try to see the context of the files and
directories I realice that the version of GFS-kernel
did not support selinux.
I am using centos csgfs over RHEL and because Centos
do not have yet the *-kernel packages for the newest
kernel of rhel4.5 I am still running the old kernel. I
am planing to recompile the srpm of the packages fo
the new kernel but first I am trying to find if
GFS-kernel-2.6.9-72.2 bring SELinux support to GFS
filesystems, I could find any hint to confirm a yes or
no. Well the lack of information subjest a "no" :-)

I found this FAQ entry:

but I do not know if it is updated :-)

also I found serveral places where it is mention that
SELinux xattr is supported since the end of last year.

so, the question: RH GFS 4.5 bring SELinux support for
GFS silesystems?


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