[Linux-cluster] fence_scsi agent on RHEL 4.5

Sadek, Abdel Abdel.Sadek at lsi.com
Fri Sep 14 14:37:46 UTC 2007

Hello Maciej;
Please find attached my cluster.conf file.
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Sadek, Abdel napisał(a):
> I am running a 2-node cluster with RHEL 4.5 Native cluster. I am using
> scsi persistent reservation as my fencing device. I have noticed when I
> shutdown one of the nodes, the fence_scsi agent on the surviving node
> fails to fence the dying node. I get the following message:
> Sep 11 16:18:13 troy fenced[3614]: agent "fence_scsi" reports: parse
> error: unknown option "nodename=porsche"
> Sep 11 16:18:13 troy fenced[3614]: fence "porsche" failed
> it looks like the fence_scsi command is executed using with the nodename
> parameter instead of the -n option.
> when I run fence_scsi  -h I get the following (there is no nodename
> parameter)
> Usage
> fence_scsi [options]
> Options
>   -n <node>        IP address or hostname of node to fence
>   -h               usage
>   -V               version
>   -v               verbose
> But the man page of the fence_scsi command talks about using both the
> "-n" and "nodename=" options.
> So, how do I make the fence_scsi run with the -n instead of the
> nodename= option?
Please attache Your cluster.conf file
Best Regards
Maciej Bogucki
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