[Linux-cluster] clurgmgrd doesn't work with quorum disk

Jos Vos jos at xos.nl
Wed Sep 26 12:45:24 UTC 2007

On Mon, Sep 24, 2007 at 01:29:51PM -0400, Lon Hohberger wrote:

> Certainly for testing, you can just replace rgmanager + cman + deps.
> 5.1 rgmanager requires 5.1 cman due to changes in the ccs daemon.

Note that these (runtime) dependencies are not enforced by the rpms,
not are there proper build-time requirements in the src.rpms.

Anyway, I updated cman, rgmanager, modcluster, openais and the kernel,
but now it fails on "Starting fencing" (after 5 minutes...) :-(.

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