[Linux-cluster] rgmanager and qdisk in RHEL5 "behavior problems"

thorsten.henrici at gfd.de thorsten.henrici at gfd.de
Wed Sep 26 16:50:29 UTC 2007

Hello List,
has this fix


Rgmanager thinks qdisk is a node (with node ID 0), so it tries to send
VF information to node 0 - which doesn't exist, causing rgmanger to not
work when qdisk is running :(

already been included in one of the RHEL5 errata RPMs, or will it be in
the future?

We seem to have exactly this problem here. cman and qdiskd as such run
fine, but rgmanager won't start.

Syslog provides the following message: <err> #34: Cannot get status for
service service: ...

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