[Linux-cluster] Cluster for DB2 database

Jordi Prats jprats at cesca.es
Wed Sep 26 19:38:18 UTC 2007

I'm not a expert on DB2 but I don't think RHcluster will give you a 
performance-oriented cluster of DB2 databases. Instead, I could provide 
you a HA database or a HA-iSCSI target or GFS for your datafiles. 
Remember that if you share the same datafiles DB2 should be cluster-aware.

By the way, Oracle RAC it's a cluster by itself, it does not use RH 
cluster in any way.

Hope this helps.


Emerson Henrique da silva wrote:
> Hello all!
> Does anybody ever used Red Hat cluster for DB2 Databases ? (performance 
> clusters)
> Is it similar to Oracle's RAC, that have a particular cluster manager ?
> In my readings, I fell that RH Cluster is not the right way to achieve 
> the targets that I've finding. In the IBM's site, the documents are very 
> confused to locate it.
> Thanks for comments.
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