[Linux-cluster] Possible cman init script race condition

Borgström Jonas jobot at wmdata.com
Fri Sep 28 09:12:40 UTC 2007

Anyone with an idea why a "sleep 30" is needed for fenced to be able to join the fence group properly?

Even though this workaround appears to work it would be nice to have a more solid solution. Since now I will need to remember to patch the init script every time it's updated.


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> > 1190645596 node "prod-db1" not a cman member, cn 1
> > 1190645597 node "prod-db1" not a cman member, cn 1
> > 1190645598 node "prod-db1" not a cman member, cn 1
> > 1190645599 node "prod-db1" not a cman member, cn 1 1190645600 reduce 
> > victim prod-db1 1190645600 delay of 16s leaves 0 victims 1190645600 
> > finish default 1 1190645600 stop default 1190645600 start default 2 
> > members 1 2 1190645600 do_recovery stop 1 start 2 finish 1
> I think something has gone wrong here, either in groupd or fenced, 
> that's preventing this start from finishing (we don't get a 'finish default 2'
> which we expect).  A 'group_tool -v' here should show the state of the 
> fence group still in transition.  Could you run that, plus a 
> 'group_tool dump' at this point, in addition to the 'dump fence' you 
> have.  And please run those commands on both nodes.
Hi david, thanks for your fast response. Here's the output you requested:

[root at prod-db1 ~]# group_tool -v
type             level name     id       state node id local_done
fence            0     default  00010001 JOIN_START_WAIT 2 200020001 1
[1 2]

[root at prod-db2 ~]# group_tool -v
type             level name     id       state node id local_done
fence            0     default  00010002 JOIN_START_WAIT 1 100020001 1
[1 2]

I attached "group_tool dump" output as files, since they are quite long.

> > 1190645954 client 3: dump    <--- Before killing prod-db1
> > 1190645985 stop default
> > 1190645985 start default 3 members 2
> > 1190645985 do_recovery stop 2 start 3 finish 1
> > 1190645985 finish default 3
> > 1190646008 client 3: dump    <--- After killing prod-db1
> Node 1 isn't fenced here because it never completed joining the fence 
> group above.
> > The scary part is that as far as I can tell fenced is the only cman 
> > daemon being affected by this. So your cluster appears to work fine. 
> > But when a node needs to be fenced the operation it isn't carried 
> > out and that can cause gfs filesystem corruption.
> You shouldn't be able to mount gfs on the node where joining the fence 
> group is stuck.

My current setup is very stripped down so I haven't configured gfs. But on my original setup where I initially noticed this issue I had no problem mounting gfs filesystems and after a simulated network failure I could still continue to write to the filesystem from both nodes since no node was fenced, and that quickly corrupted the filesystem.


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