[Linux-cluster] Fencing using iDRAC/ Dell M600

Jonathan Buzzard j.buzzard at dundee.ac.uk
Sat Aug 2 22:52:14 UTC 2008

David J Craigon wrote:
> Are you sure you are using an actual M600 blade chassis? On the ones
> I've got, they speak a different language after the telnet from other
> DRAC cards, hence the problem.

Indeed, they are SMASH-CLP


As far as I can make out it is designed to be a vendor neutral out of 
band management processor interface. So a DRAC, ILO, LOM, etc. all look 
the same. I guess in about 10 years when everything in the data centre 
has such an interface it will make life simpler in multi vendor 

It is full of XML goodness if that sort of stuff is your cup of tea, and 
is supposed to be easier to script up.

You can get it on a standard DRAC5 by issuing a smclp command after login.

All that said it is the most tortuous pile of dino droppings I have had 
the misfortune to use. Not helped by a lack of documentation. Looks like 
it came right out of the same committee that dreamt up ACPI.


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