[Linux-cluster] HP ILO Fence Configuration

Jakub Suchy jakub.suchy at enlogit.cz
Thu Aug 7 07:33:46 UTC 2008

> Does not sound like you are having a fencing issue, but I can share our
> configuration / implementation and experiences with it.
> We have been using fencing configured for HP iLO and iLO2 for the better
> of 2-years, with almost a full year in production now.  It is slow (42+
> seconds per fencing attempt) and always problematic.  We are piloting

I am currently implementing cluster using HP iLO and i am experiencing
this slowness too. As far as I have dug into the fence_ilo perl script, it
seems that longest time it takes is for opening a SSL socket to the card.
Also, the script for reboot works like this (pseudocode):

if ($action == reboot) {
  if (status == on) {
    check_status(); // if error...

this means 3 operations = 3 sockets = lots of time.
If the script could be rewritten to reuse existing socket, it will be a
lot faster. I just don't know how to determine if the socket is still
alive (then we need to reconnect). Anyone?

(Also, fence_ilo depends on perl-Crypt-SSLeay, but this is not marked as a
dependency in relevant channel, so you have to install it manually - i
should post a bug report to bugzilla).


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