[Linux-cluster] GFS leak lock

Vikash Khatuwala vikash at netvigator.com
Mon Aug 11 15:34:00 UTC 2008


I am working on setting up a redhat 5.2 cluster with GFS filesystem 
on an iSCSI SAN. I have configured everything according to the 
manuals but now I am constantly getting a message on the console and 
in the output of "dmesg" as below:

GFS: would leak glock ffff8101f09ef408
GFS: would leak glock ffff810185d22258
GFS: would leak glock ffff81015dd930a0
GFS: would leak glock ffff8101e4e184c8
GFS: would leak glock ffff81008785d580

This message appears every few minutes and I am not sure what it 
means and how to resolve this if its a problem. The FS is gfs1 with 4 
journals but there is only 1 node at the moment.

Also when I issue a "shutdown -h now". The node will not halt and 
will always get stuck at the point when shutting down clvmd. I always 
have to manually power down and power up again.

Please let me know what other info would be useful to help diagnose. 
Waiting for any advice.


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