[Linux-cluster] rhel5 gfs1 or gfs2, how to prove that i have gfs1

Anuj Singh (अनुज) anujhere at gmail.com
Mon Aug 18 14:25:53 UTC 2008

Hello everyone,
I created a cluster on rhel5,
To make the gfs1 file system I used following command.

' gfs_mkfs -t new_cluster:GFS -p lock_dlm -j2 /dev/MyVol0/MyLV0'

Mounted /dev/MyVol0/MyLV0  on  /image.
'mount -t gfs /dev/MyVol0/MyLV0 /image '
No error I got.

Mount command gives me.
/dev/mapper/MyVol0-MyLV0 on /image type gfs

My questions:
1) How to prove that I have gfs1 file system in use.
2) Ismod |grep gfs gives me.
[root at pr0031 CL]# lsmod |grep gfs
gfs                   252740  1
gfs2                  341965  2 gfs,lock_dlm
configfs               28753  2 dlm
3) rmmod gfs2
ERROR: Module gfs2 is in use by gfs,lock_dlm
^^ why gfs2 module is in use?
as lock_dlm is associated with gfs2, does it mean it's not production ready?

So friends what is the technical answer about whether I have gfs1 in use? I
installed gfs2 as a dependency does it means I have gfs2? even though I
created gfs1 file system. :P?

Now a question about gfs2 file system.
As redhat says they support what they give.

1). Does RHEL5 from redhat gives gfs2 only? which is not yet production
2). Does RHEL5 provides gfs1?
3). Is the support for gfs1 on RHEL5 available?

I have these rpm's installed over my cluster.

Thanks and regards
Anuj Singh
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