[Linux-cluster] gfs_controld[]: retrieve_plocks: ckpt open error 12 gfsmountpoint

Brett Cave brettcave at gmail.com
Tue Aug 19 08:14:24 UTC 2008

Seems like this is causing problems with the cluster - getting this on
1 node just before cluster hangs.
gfs_controld[]: retrieve_plocks: ckpt open error 12 gfs

The only reference i can find when googling this to plock.c
	rv = saCkptCheckpointOpen(ckpt_handle, &name, NULL,
	if (rv == SA_AIS_ERR_TRY_AGAIN) {
		log_group(mg, "retrieve_plocks: ckpt open retry");
		goto open_retry;
	if (rv != SA_AIS_OK) {
		log_error("retrieve_plocks: ckpt open error %d %s",
			  rv, mg->name);

Not quite sure what CkptCheckpoint is, but from seeing the code from
ais, it seems to be some form of fault tolerance.
Found a post about a possible bug in the sackptCheckpointOpen function:

Have just installed newer versions of cman, gfs-utils, openais and
kmod-gfs, and upgraded kernel now, going to see if im still getting
hangs. been running for a few hours now with node resets and IO bursts
and seems to be behaving a little better.

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