[Linux-cluster] Want to Setup NFS with redhat Cluster??

Rajagopal Swaminathan raju.rajsand at gmail.com
Mon Aug 25 10:06:58 UTC 2008


2008/8/20 Singh Raina, Ajeet <ajeet.singh.raina at logica.com>

>  Can anyone Help me in setting up NFS with Red Hat Cluster?
> I still don't understand what is NFS Mount, NFS Client and NFS Exports?

OK Let us say you have 3 machines A, B, C.

A, B are Cluster nodes.

C is a machine which has to make available the data on its local hard disks
to who ever wants it using NFS protocol.
This data is available in file format which are stored under directories say

Now our friends A & B -- the cluster members -- wants to access data under
/XXX located in C. They are not interested in /YYY and /ZZZ

Now let us bring another player in this love triangle -- a laptop called as
GADDI which wants the /ZZZ available on the NFS server C.

In this Scenario, A and B are NFS clients.

Our GADDI too is an NFS client.

C is the NFS Server. /XXX, /YYY and /ZZZ are NFS exports.

When A and/or B mounts C:/XXX on a local mount point, say /NFSXXX, it is
called and NFS mount

Now the /YYY as yet unused. (like scripts in the whole bollywood movie....)


Having explained that can you please rephrase your movie.. err.. scenario
again please using the above analogies
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