[Linux-cluster] fence_vmware on rhel 5.3

Tiago Cruz tiagocruz at forumgdh.net
Mon Dec 1 20:13:06 UTC 2008

Hello guys,

Someone can send me one use's example from fence_vmware?

This can't show on conga and I'm confuse to use it on command line...

It's not perl any more, python now :-)

[root at dcrs6037 ~]# fence_vmware -h
        fence_vmware [options]
   -o <action>    Action: status, reboot (default), off or on
   -a <ip>        IP address or hostname of fencing device
   -l <name>      Login name
   -p <password>  Login password or passphrase
   -S <script>    Script to run to retrieve password
   -x             Use ssh connection
   -k <filename>  Identity file (private key) for ssh 
   -n <id>        Physical plug number on device or name of virtual machine
   -A <ip>        IP address or hostname of managed VMware ESX (default localhost)
   -L <name>      VMware ESX management login name
   -P <password>  VMware ESX management login password
   -B <script>    Script to run to retrieve VMware ESX management password
   -q             Quiet mode
   -v             Verbose mode
   -D <debugfile> Debugging to output file
   -V             Output version information and exit
   -h             Display this help and exit

I need to connect on my ESX (-L or -P)?
I need to connect on my target fenced? (-l or -p)?


Tiago Cruz
Linux User #282636

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