[Linux-cluster] Correct syntax for gfs entries in /etc/fstab (REHEL 5.2)

Shaun Mccullagh Shaun.Mccullagh at espritxb.nl
Wed Dec 3 12:28:01 UTC 2008


Is this entry valid in fstab for two GFS filesystems?

/dev/vg_gfs/main_sites  /san/main_sites         gfs     noauto        0
/dev/vg_gfs/main_data   /san/main_data          gfs     noauto        0

If I exec  mount /san/main_data and  mount /san/main_sites
these commands work fine, both GFS filesystems are mounted correctly.

However if I exec     service gfs  start
The gfs filesystems are not mounted.

I edited /etc/init.d/gfs and changed

GFSFSTAB=$(LC_ALL=C awk '!/^#/ && $3 == "gfs" && $4 !~ /noauto/ { print
$2 }' /etc/fstab)

To this

GFSFSTAB=$(LC_ALL=C awk '!/^#/ && $3 == "gfs" && $4 ~ /noauto/ { print
$2 }' /etc/fstab)

I think this correct

But still no joy, in other words     mount -a -t gfs    does not work

I can't see any errors in the message file.

I think something is missing from my fstab entries, but I can't see

Can someone put me right?



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