[Linux-cluster] Unexpected problems with clvmd

Shaun Mccullagh Shaun.Mccullagh at espritxb.nl
Wed Dec 3 13:42:29 UTC 2008


I tried to add another node to our 3 node cluster this morning.

Initially things went well; but I wanted to check the new node booted

After the second reboot clvmd failed to start up on the new node (called

[root at pan4 ~]# clvmd -d1 -T20
CLVMD[8e1e8300]: Dec  3 14:24:09 CLVMD started
CLVMD[8e1e8300]: Dec  3 14:24:09 Connected to CMAN
CLVMD[8e1e8300]: Dec  3 14:24:12 CMAN initialisation complete  

Group_tool reports this output for clvmd on all four nodes in the

dlm              1     clvmd       00010005 FAIL_START_WAIT
dlm              1     clvmd       00010005 FAIL_ALL_STOPPED
dlm              1     clvmd       00010005 FAIL_ALL_STOPPED
dlm              1     clvmd       00000000 JOIN_STOP_WAIT

Otherwise the cluster is OK:

[root at brik3 ~]# clustat
Cluster Status for mtv_gfs @ Wed Dec  3 14:38:26 2008
Member Status: Quorate

 Member Name                                               ID   Status
 ------ ----                                               ---- ------
 pan4                                                          4 Online
 pan5                                                          5 Online
 nfs-pan                                                       6 Online
 brik3-gfs                                                     7 Online,

[root at brik3 ~]# cman_tool status
Version: 6.1.0
Config Version: 4
Cluster Name: mtv_gfs
Cluster Id: 14067
Cluster Member: Yes
Cluster Generation: 172
Membership state: Cluster-Member
Nodes: 4
Expected votes: 4
Total votes: 4
Quorum: 3  
Active subsystems: 8
Flags: Dirty 
Ports Bound: 0 11  
Node name: brik3-gfs
Node ID: 7
Multicast addresses: 
Node addresses: 

It seems I have created a deadlock, what is the best way to fix this?



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