[Linux-cluster] RHCS 4U6 deadnode_timeout

John Ruemker jruemker at redhat.com
Fri Dec 5 16:09:37 UTC 2008

Bennie Thomas wrote:
> I am trying to add <cman deadnode_timeout="10"/>   to my cluster.conf 
> file. to spead up the
> failover time. Howerver when I add this to the cluster.conf then check 
> the settings with system-config-cluster
> I receive errors stating Invalid attribute deadnode_timeout for 
> element cman.  Where exactly am I suppose
> to place this in the cluster.conf.

I believe system-config-cluster does not have knowledge of the cman 
attributes in its XML schema.  So even though ccs and cman can interpret 
that option, system-config-cluster has no idea what it means and throws 
an error when you start it.  You can typically just ignore those warnings.


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