[Linux-cluster] virtualized guest failover

Stepan Kadlec skadlec at gk-software.com
Wed Dec 10 13:26:22 UTC 2008

I am trying to establish failover of virtualized guest. the problem is, 
that rgmanager just tries to stop the guest on the default node but 
never starts it.

my config is:

       <failoverdomain name="xen01-failover" restricted="0" ordered="0">
         <failoverdomainnode name="xen01.localdomain"/>
       <failoverdomain name="xen02-failover" restricted="0" ordered="0">
         <failoverdomainnode name="xen02.localdomain"/>
     <vm autostart="1" domain="xen01-failover" exclusive="0" 
migrate="live" name="servicetest" path="/etc/xen/vm" recovery="restart"/>

the clurgmgr debug output shows:

[14148] debug: 22 rules loaded
[14148] debug: Building Resource Trees
[14148] debug: 1 resources defined
[14148] debug: Loading Failover Domains
[14148] debug: 2 domains defined
[14148] debug: 101 events defined
[14148] info: Initializing Services
[14148] debug: Initializing vm:servicetest
searching agent_ops for 1
xm shutdown servicetest ...
Error: Domain 'servicetest' does not exist.
[14148] info: Services Initialized
[14148] debug: Event: Port Opened
[14148] info: State change: Local UP
[14148] info: State change: xen02.localdomain UP
[14148] info: State change: xen03.localdomain UP
[14549] debug: Event (1:1:1) Processed
[14549] debug: Event (0:2:1) Processed
[14549] debug: Event (0:7:1) Processed
[14549] debug: 3 events processed

is my config wrong? how can I make the virtualized guest 'servicetest' 
to be failovered?

thanks stepan

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